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Dalby Regional Saleyards @ Western Downs is a regional facility run by Western Downs Regional Council.
Western Downs Regional Council remains committed to providing a safe environment to conduct weekly cattle sales, please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

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Dalby Regional Saleyard

The $12.6 million dollar saleyards upgrade, which officially opened in April 2015, has cemented the Western Downs region’s reputation as a cattle industry hub. With roofing, pens, lighting, cabling, water facilities, soft flooring, automated drafting facilities, pedestrian walkways, ramps, wash down bay, and safety and compliance upgrades, the saleyards are forging a strong future for livestock marketing in Southern Queensland.


At Dalby Regional Saleyards, we are a community within a community. For 75 years, we’ve been connecting buyers and sellers and supporting the livestock industry with high-class facilities and stable employment. Driven by the fundamental principles of safety, efficiency and comfort, we’ve grown to support the sale of more than 160,000 cattle per year. We have decades of unrivalled experience in our long-serving livestock agents. Our extensive market access puts us yards ahead of the rest, making us the most efficient facility in the region.

At Dalby Regional Saleyards, we’re wired for the future. We’ve always been ahead of the rest but with our first class elements and practices, we’re industry leaders in animal welfare. We’re delivering better outcomes for our buyers and sellers, and we’re proud to be leading the way towards a strong and ethical future for livestock marketing in Southern Queensland.

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Promoting animal welfare

At Dalby Regional Saleyards, animal welfare is important to us. We’re spearheading industry changes that support better conditions for livestock, delivering improvements in comfort that are more ethical and more in line with international standards of animal welfare.

As hosts of the largest same-day prime cattle sale and one of the largest cattle selling centres in Australia – we believe it’s our social responsibility to encourage development and investment in better conditions for livestock. With more than 160,000 cattle sold through the yards annually, our industry experience and expertise has been invaluable in transforming our facilities for a better future in animal welfare. We have over four acres (1.6ha) under our roof which deliver shade, low temperatures, and softer flooring. These aspects translate directly into better outcomes – not only for the animals, but for our clients, who are benefiting from improved safety, and lower stress levels in the livestock.

Approved by Temple Grandin, world-renowned animal welfare specialist and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behaviour, our facility features automated drafting pens, roofing, lighting, cabling, water facilities, and soft flooring. These elements are improving our efficiency and working conditions, and have helped us to become a proud leader in an industry that’s more equitable for animals.

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