Dalby Regional Saleyards hosts a prime and store sale every Wednesday starting at 7.30am. Bookings must be received by Western Downs Regional Council, via your preferred agent, before 11am every Tuesday.

There are currently eight agents licensed to operate out of the Dalby Regional Saleyards.

Company Name Address Phone
Eastern Rural Pty Ltd 44 Drayton Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4669 8866
Elders Cnr Warrego Highway and Black Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4596 9300
Fitzgerald Livestock Agencies 4A Alice Street Dalby Q 4405 0428 951 355
Gilliland Livestock Marketing  11/66 Drayton Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4662 1383
Graham Henderson + Co 9 Drayton Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4662 3811
Grant Daniel Long Warrego Centre 8 Drayton Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4669 6955
Nutrien Ag Solutions 6 Dixon Street Dalby Q 4405 07 4669 0000
Ray White Rural Dalby 166 Drayton Street Dalby Q 4405 0488 993 931


Agent Selling Draw

DrawWeek 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4Week 5
1GDLEastern RuralElders
2EldersNutrienTom Knox & Co
3Tom Knox & CoG Henderson & CoGLM
4GLMGDLEastern Rural
5NutrienTom Knox & CoG Henderson & Co
6Eastern RuralEldersNutrien
7G Henderson & CoGLMGDL
1NutrienTom Knox & CoG Henderson & CoGLM
2G Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern Rural
3GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
4EldersNutrienTom Knox & CoG Henderson & Co
5GLMGDLEastern RuralElders
6Tom Knox & CoG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
7Eastern Rural EldersNutrienTom Knox & Co
1GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
2EldersNutrienTom Knox & CoG Henderson & Co
3Tom Knox & CoG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
4GLMGDLEastern RuralElders
5NutrienTom Knox & CoG Henderson & CoGLM
6Eastern RuralEldersNutrienEastern Rural
7G Henderson & CoGLMGDL
1GLMG Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern Rural
2Eastern RuralGDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
3NutrienEldersNutrienGLMG Henderson & Co
4GDLEastern RuralG Henderson & CoNutrienGDL
5G Henderson & CoGLMEldersEastern RuralFitzgerald Livestock
6EldersNutrienGDLG Henderson & CoElders
1EldersNutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & Co
2Fitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
3GLMGDLEastern RuralElders
4Eastern RuralEldersNutrienFitzgerald Livestock
5G Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern Rural
6NutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLM
7GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
1GLMGDLEastern RuralElders
2Eastern RuralEldersNutrienFitzgerald Livestock
3NutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLM
4G Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern Rural
5EldersNutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & Co
6GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
7Fitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
1NutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
2G Henderson & CoRay White RuralGDLEastern RuralElders
3GDLGLMEldersRay White RuralFitzgerald Livestock
4EldersEastern RuralFitzgerald LivestockNutrienGLM
5GLMNutriemEastern RuralG Henderson & CoNutrien
6Ray White RuralGDLGLMEldersEastern Rural
7Fitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoRay White RuralGDLG Henderson & Co
8Eastern RuralEldersNutrienFitzgerald LivestockRay White Rural
1Eastern RuralEldersRay White RuralFitzgerald Livestock
2NutrienFitzgerald LivestockNutrienRay White Rural
3G Henderson & CoGLMG Henderson & CoGLM
4GDLEastern RuralGDLEastern Rural
5Fitzgerald LivestockRay White RuralEldersNutrien
6Ray White RuralG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
7EldersNutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & Co
8GLMGDLEastern RuralElders
1G Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern RuralElders
2GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrienRay White Rural
3EldersNutrienRay White RuralG Henderson & CoFitzgerald Livestock
4Ray White RuralG Henderson & CoFitzgerald LivestockGDLGLM
5Fitzgerald LivestockEldersGLMFitzgerald LivestockEastern Rural
6Eastern RuralGDLNutrienEldersG Henderson & Co
7GLMFitzgerald LivestockEastern RuralRay White RuralNutrien
8NutrienRay White RuralG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
1Ray White RuralFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLM
2NutrienGLMGDLEastern Rural
3G Henderson & CoEastern RuralEldersRay White Rural
4GDLNutrienFitzgerald LivestockNutrien
5EldersGDLEastern RuralG Henderson & Co
6GLMG Henderson & CoRay White RuralElders
7Fitzgerald LivestockRay White RuralGLMGDL
8Eastern RuralEldersNutrienFitzgerald Livestock
1GDLEastern RuralEldersNutrien
2Ray White RuralNutrienFitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & Co
3EldersG Henderson & CoGLMGDL
4Fitzgerald LivestockRay White RuralEastern RuralElders
5GLMGDLG Henderson & Co Ray White Rural
6NutrienFitzgerald LivestockNutrienGLM
7Eastern RuralEldersRay White RuralFitzgerald Livestock
8G Henderson & CoGLMGDLEastern Rural
1Fitzgerald LivestockG Henderson & CoGLM
2GLMRay White RuralEastern Rural
3Eastern RuralGDLNutrien
4Ray White RuralEldersG Henderson & Co
5NutrienFitzgerald LivestockElders
6GDLEastern RuralGDL
7G Henderson & CoGLMFitzgerald Livestock
8EldersNutrienRay White Rural

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