Dalby Regional Saleyards @ Western Downs is one of the nation’s most important cattle market facilities.

Our livestock holding pens are well equipped, and we have a capacity of 8000 head in 680 pens. We always have water and feed available, but the recent upgrades to our facilities have greatly improved the environment for the animals during operation.

We’ve invested in new roofing and softer flooring, which has provided shade over our 1.6 hectares, and the cooler temperatures are measurably improving the appearance and behaviour of the animals. We’ve also incorporated automated drafting and fast weighing facilities, which has dramatically reduced the holding times for the animals and likely contributed to reducing their stress levels.

We’ve always been committed to safety. But our recent upgrades are helping us to uphold higher safety standards for our patrons and the livestock. Better lighting, cabling, biosecurity and environmental management plans, and overhead walkways that reduce human-animal contact have all improved our compliance with safety standards.

We’ve always believed that our facilities should support the hardworking people in the industry. That’s why we designed our recent upgrades to include improvements to pedestrian walkways, unloading ramps, a wash-down bay, and ample, convenient parking to make it easier and more pleasant to do business with us. We’ve also improved our environment for our patrons, with technology upgrades including Wi-Fi capabilities, and a fully stocked canteen for a more inviting atmosphere.